Memorial Set For Officer Sahota

Details have been released about Tuesday's procession and memorial for Vancouver Police Officer Donald Sahota.

The memorial will be held at the Ilani Resort in Ridgefield at 1 p.m.

There will be a procession of emergency vehicles escorting Officer Sahota from Vancouver to Ridgefield. Here are the details:

The vehicle procession will consist of as many as 400 emergency vehicles from law enforcement and EMS agencies from around the state and neighboring states.

The procession will start on NE 78th Street, in front of Crossroads Community Church and end at the ilani Casino Resort. Again, anticipated start time will be 10:30 am:

  • proceeds from Crossroads Community Church, west on NE 78 Street, turning north (right) on NE Andresen Road;
  • proceeds north on NE Andresen Road, turning east (right) on NE Padden Parkway;
  • proceeds east on NE Padden Parkway, turning north (left) on NB Interstate 205 on-ramp;
  • Proceeds north on Interstate 205, merging north on Interstate 5 to La Center/Cowlitz Way exit (Exit 16);
  • Officer Sahota’s motorcade will join the procession at 179th Street;
  • Honorary Fly Over just north of 179th Street as Officer Sahota’s motorcade joins the procession;
  • proceeds west (via roundabout) on La Center Road/Cowlitz Way;
  • Procession will end at ilani Casino Resort.

Any members of the public wishing to view the procession are encouraged to do so at any point along the procession route, with the following exceptions:

  • Congregating along Interstate 5 is prohibited by law and is generally discouraged due to hazards and narrow shoulders;
  • If motorists encounter the procession on Interstate 205 or Interstate 5 they are requested to pull over to the right side of the roadway and stop until the procession passes. Please do not attempt to cut into or interfere with the procession;
  • There are numerous overpasses that will be along the procession route. If citizens wish to view the procession, please do not park vehicles or stand in the roadway;
  • During the procession, motorists should expect short delays along northbound on-ramps along Interstate 205 and Interstate 5 as the procession moves towards the LaCenter/Cowlitz Way exit (Exit 16).

At the service:

All attendees will be required to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines detailed below. Verification tables to confirm vaccination status or negative COVID testing proof will be set up outside the event space. Once verification has been confirmed, attendees will receive a wristband which will allow entrance to the event space. Each attendee will need to have their own wristband issued and no one will be admitted without a wristband. There will NOT be COVID testing conducted at the event site.


  • Proof of being fully vaccinated (does not need to include booster) against COVID-19:
  • original vaccination card
  • printed copy of original vaccination card or digital copy of original vaccination card (picture on phone or other device).
  • Washington State Digital COVID-19 Verification Record QR code
  • Final dose of vaccine must be administered two weeks prior to the show. Card must include the name of the person vaccinated, the type of vaccination provided, and the date of the final dose was administered.


Provide proof of negative COVID-19 diagnostic (Rapid Antigen or PCR) test result taken within 72 hours of the event.


To slow the spread of COVID-19, face masks are required. KN95’s will be available on-site.

Entry requirements and venue protocols are subject to change. Children 11 years and younger do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

A bank account has been set up for monetary donations for the Sahota family. Anyone wishing to make a donation can visit a Chase bank branch donate to the Officer Sahota Memorial Fund.

Cards or letters can be mailed to:

Vancouver Police HQ

605 E Evergreen Blvd.

Vancouver, WA 98661

Cards or letters to the Sahota family sent to the Vancouver Police Department will be forwarded to them.

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