TriMet Adds Incentive For New Drivers

TriMet is making it easier to join our team of bus operators. We’ve adjusted our employment policies to allow new bus operators to work a full-time schedule, beginning on day one. Previously, new bus operators were required to start out working part time. Now, as TriMet tries to bring on more new bus operators to address the most severe staffing shortage in our agency’s history, we are working with our partners at Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 757 and taking steps to make employment opportunities at TriMet stand out. Providing a faster path to full-time employment, increasing starting pay to $21.84 per hour and offering a $2,500 hiring bonus are just three of the advantages to joining our team. Learn more and apply today at

Choose a part-time or full-time schedule

By removing the part-time requirement, TriMet has opened the door for new operators to move up the ranks faster. Full-time operators receive regularly scheduled work of 40 hours per week or more and earlier entry to the union seniority system. TriMet’s bus operators also receive a package of generous benefits which include:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability and group life coverage
  • Paid sick leave, holidays, personal days and vacation time
  • 401(a) pension plan and 457(b) deferred compensation plan
  • Mental health, financial planning and home buying help through our employee assistance program
  • Free transit pass for you and your family
  • Onsite fitness centers (for a fee)

With guaranteed raises and overtime availability, full-time TriMet bus operators can easily earn more than $68,000 a year, after three years on the job. Bus operators also gain valuable experience that can be applied to a future position at TriMet, from bus trainer or supervisor, to MAX train operator, to one of the many roles available throughout our nine divisions.

A gateway to opportunities

TriMet Manager of Service Performance and Analysis, Miles Crumley, rode TriMet regularly while attending college. He was so impressed that he decided to try his hand at driving.

“I absolutely loved it. I still tell people to this day that the best job I ever had was driving a bus,” Miles said.

Miles was happy in his position but began considering other possibilities at TriMet on the recommendation of another former bus operator.

“(He) pulled me aside and said, ‘You could actually do other things here,’” remembers Miles.

Now with 7 1/2 years at the agency and several roles added to his resume, Miles will always look back on his time in the driver’s seat as the foundation of a rewarding. long-term career.

Join the team that keeps our region moving, connecting people to opportunities, doing our part for the environment and helping to make the greater Portland region a better place to live. Visit

Source: TriMet

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