Watch For Wildlife Plates Reach Goal

Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s (OWF) “Watch for Wildlife” specialty license plate will be in Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) offices on May 4th, 2022. Voucher holders can get their plates on or after that date. The Watch for Wildlife plate will also be available to the public for purchase at that time.

OWF created the “Watch for Wildlife” campaign and license plate to raise public awareness of animal-vehicle collisions in Oregon. Based on data from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), at least 7,000 large animals are killed on ODOT-managed roads and highways every year. As many or more animals are casualties on county and municipal roadways. Wildlife-vehicle collisions cause more than $44 million in vehicle damage, 700 personal injuries, and two human fatalities, on average, each year.

“It took us longer than we expected to sell the required number of vouchers to qualify our license plate for production, but with the help of many partners including the Oregon Hunters Association and OnPoint Community Credit Union, that’s done, and we couldn’t be happier,” said Tim Greseth, OWF Executive Director.

Proceeds from the sale and renewal of the license plate will come back to OWF and be used to support wildlife passage and habitat connectivity projects across Oregon. Those projects include dedicated wildlife under crossings, overpasses, and other investments that help animals of all kinds move more safely around Oregon’s highways and roads.

Low number plate auction fundraiser

OWF will be auctioning off spots on their VIP list for low number plates using eBay. Spots on the Foundation’s VIP list are based on the bids received and correspond with plate numbers 00001 - 00020. The VIP auction begins on February 7th, 2022, at 9 am PST and will end on February 17, 2022, at 5 pm PST. All other plate numbers are randomly assigned and are first come, first served at your local DMV office or online at DMV2U.

If you plan to participate in the low number auction, please be informed that:

• Bidders must qualify for Oregon registration.

• The plate must be issued to a passenger vehicle (is not a collectable item).

• Bidders do not need to have previously purchased a Watch for Wildlife voucher to participate in the VIP auction.

Once the auction is complete, OWF will provide DMV with the names, addresses, license numbers, and vehicle information for each person on their VIP list. DMV will handle all tasks related to issuing the plate, including sending a letter to the “winners” with fee and application information. The funds generated from the VIP auction support the work of the Oregon Wildlife Foundation.

To learn more about the VIP auction and for a link to our e-Bay auction page, go to

For periodic updates regarding the auction, the Watch for Wildlife license plate, and related projects, send an email to to be added to Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s mailing list.

Source: Oregon Wildlife Foundation

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