Police Warn Of Door Kick Challenge

The Vancouver Police Department is investigating at least seven incidents linked to a popular challenge on the app "TikTok." 

Called the "Door Kick Challenge," app users are encouraged to upload video snippets of themselves kicking in doors of unsuspecting persons. In less than one hour on January 26th, VPD officers responded to at least seven of these reports, all between 6:00-6:47 PM and mostly in the Hearthwood Neighborhood in East Vancouver. 

In most cases, teenaged males kicked in the door of unsuspecting homeowners, then fled the scene. An older, dark colored four-door sedan with chrome spoke wheels was captured on surveillance video at one of the locations. 

The Vancouver Police Department is alerting the community to this recent challenge and encourages parents to warn their children of the obvious dangers associated with this type of crime.

VPD's Special Investigations Unit is seeking information from anyone who may have knowledge of those responsible or other persons with information. Those who have information may contact Detective Eddie Alba at 360-487-7395. Callers who wish to remain anonymous may do so. 

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