Marion County Plans Tiny Home Village In Gates For Wildfire Victims

Photo: ODOT

On Thursday night, January 20, the Gates City Council approved a variance in the city’s code, allowing for temporary housing to support residents of the Santiam Canyon who were displaced as a result of the Labor Day 2020 Wildfires.

As part of recovery efforts, Marion County was presented the opportunity to use the former Oak Park Motel property in Gates for temporary housing use. With the variance approval, Marion County Housing Authority will now be able to manage 16 Tiny Homes occupied by wildfire survivors for a period of 3-5 years, beginning summer of 2022.

Survivors that live in these units will have the ability to work with a variety of service organizations that will assist them in finding permanent housing in a rental or ownership capacity. 

Commissioner Danielle Bethell, chair, said, “The work being done to recover the Santiam Canyon has been a tremendous and emotional lift for all. The support from the City of Gates for this temporary housing site goes to show the flexibility and desire to recover as quickly as possible and bring survivors back to their communities, where they can begin to heal together. I am grateful to Mayor Carmickle and Mr. and Mrs. Evans for bringing this concept to fruition last spring.”

Marion County is finalizing construction documents for the planned development. The variance now allows the county to acquire building permits and a water pollution control facility permit from DEQ the development’s new septic system, both of which must be acquired before construction begins. 

Source: Marion County

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