Kitten-garten Classes For New Cat Owners

It’s not just puppies who need training when they join a new family – kittens also need guidance, structure, and positive outlets for their energy to be the best pet they can be. This is why Oregon Humane Society is offering a four-week virtual Kitten Kindergarten, or Kitten-garten, class to help kitten adopters understand their little felines unique needs, behaviors and teach them new skills.

“Kittens have so much to learn,” says Tanya Roberts, OHS Senior Manager of Training and Behavior. “It’s important for adopters to be well equipped to avoid common mistakes that lead to behavior issues in the future.”

Kitten-garten is designed to be informative, interactive and fun. Topics covered include play time, nail trimming, getting a kitten used to their crate and the car, teaching them tricks and litter box success.

“Most people are surprised to know that you can teach kittens and adult cats tricks like sit, roll over and high-five,” adds Tanya. “Having fun with your feline is a wonderful way to build and maintain a strong bond. The tricks are designed to be helpful tools to relieve stress at a vet visit or after a move. It’s fun and functional, and both of you will benefit.”

In addition to Kitten-garten, OHS will also be offering a virtual Tricks for Cats class in February that’s designed for cats of any age.

What: VirtualKitten-garten and Cats Tricks for Cats classes

Where: All classes are done virtually. A Zoom link will be sent with sign-up confirmation.

When: Kitten-garten runs Jan 18 – Feb. 6, 7 -7:45p.m. Virtual Tricks Class for Cats begins in February.

Details: Have fun and strengthen the bond with your kitten or cat with virtual classes from the Oregon Humane Society, including virtual Kitten-garten and Cat Tricks for Cats. Classes run four weeks. Cost is $95 and benefits the programs and services at the Oregon Humane Society.

More information and sign up at

Source: Oregon Humane Society

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