Metal Detectors At Oregon State Capitol

state capitol oregon

In order to better ensure the safety of the public, staff, and elected officials, the Oregon State Capitol will implement new security measures for anyone entering the building.

Beginning January 27, all visitors, employees, and elected officials will be required to pass through a metal detector upon entering the building. Bags and other items will pass through an X-ray machine or visual bag search. Trained security personnel situated at these entrances will check for any weapons or other dangerous items, similar to security practices at county courthouses throughout the state.

Oregon joins 33 other states across the nation that utilize metal detectors at state capitol entrances, according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures. The new security measures will be put in place to ensure compliance with ORS 166.370.

Due to the ongoing Capitol Accessibility, Maintenance and Safety project, certain areas in and around the Capitol are under active construction, including the front steps and State Street entrances. Visitors can use the Northwest and Northeast ADA entrances to enter the building.

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