Reser Stadium Implosion

Demolition crews used explosives to implode the westside stands and press box at Reser Stadium

It clears the way for a $153 million project to complete Reser Stadium.

Roads were closed in the area around the stadium. Sirens sounded and then the count down and a series of explosions weakened the structure allowing it to collapse into the parking lot.

Watch it here

The Completing Reser project includes construction of the new west side of the stadium, a welcome center for prospective new students and their families, and a wellness clinic for students, OSU employees and community members. The project is expected to be completed before the start of the 2023 football season. The project is being funded by more than $90 million in philanthropy and by revenues from football stadium activities. Various revenue sources will fund the wellness center, and new revenues from enrollment growth will fund the student welcome center.

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