Portland Firefighters Contain Warehouse Fire

Photo: Ford, Brad

Photo: Portland Fire & Rescue

Four alarms were called this morning to keep a warehouse fire in Southeast Portland from spreading.

It stared at 12:28 this morning when Portland Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the report of a building on fire at SE Alder and SE 9th Ave.

When the first crews arrived they found heavy fire showing from the east side of the building.

Fire crews are familiar with this building as it has been vacant for many years. Recently there have been other fires that have occurred in this building within the last few years’ most recent being in July.

Due to the significant fire involvement and growth command upgraded this to four alarms. Crews focused their attention on the adjoining buildings and were able to save both of those buildings.

The fire building is mostly collapsed now and crews will be on scene most of the day to extinguish the fire. There were no reports of people inside the building and no injuries have been reported. Fire Investigators are on scene working to determine the cause of the fire.

Portland Fire Chief Sara Boone said “this is one of the most hazards buildings firefighters can face. It is so perilous that we indicate these buildings with a U marker indicating that it is an unsafe building. From the first company to arrive, and as the incident expanded, every crew on scene as well as the incident command staff made outstanding tactical and operational decisions.

Crews made a valiant effort to search the basement of the fire building for potential victims in zero visibility using an anchor point and search rope. Fire conditions quickly changed as they were conducting search operations and they had to withdraw from the building. Other hazards that fire fighters faced were, building collapses, the sidewalk collapsing over the basement, as well and energized power lines coming down. Every person on scene did incredible job and I am so grateful that no one was hurt and thankful for the effort everyone displayed on this scene.”

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