22,000 Illegal Pot Plants

Photo: Ford, Brad

On August 3, 2021, Oregon State Police Detectives served a search warrant at an illegal marijuana grow on Harpold Road, Malin, Oregon.

Information was developed that there was potentially an illegal marijuana grow at a 150-acre property on Harpold Road. Detectives investigated further and discovered over 85 – 30 foot by 100-foot greenhouses on the property that appeared to be growing illegal marijuana. 

As part of the investigation, detectives determined that there were no permits obtained to legally grow hemp or marijuana on the property, for any purpose. Additionally, as the investigation continued, detectives learned there was potentially theft of water and unlawful use of groundwater occurring as part of the illegal marijuana grow. Marijuana is a very water-intensive plant and since illegal grows don’t receive water permits, these grows deplete water at even more wasteful rates with no regard for sustainability. 

When the search warrant was served, detectives discovered over 22,000 illegal marijuana plants on the property. Preliminary tests confirmed the plants were marijuana and not hemp. Additionally, evidence was discovered to support the Unlawful Use or Appropriation of Ground Water.

Detectives conducted multiple interviews and seized evidence from the property. Additional follow up investigation is being conducted; however, the following charges on the property owners are going to be referred to the Klamath County District Attorney’s Office:

  • ORS 475B.337 Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Hemp
  • ORS 475B.349 Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana
  • ORS 475B.227 Conspiracy to Export Marijuana Items
  • ORS 537.535 Unlawful Use or Appropriation of Ground Water

Oregon State Police Klamath Falls Area Command Detectives were assisted by the Oregon State Police Southwest Region Drug Enforcement Section, Basin Interagency Narcotics Team, Klamath County Community Corrections, the Klamath Falls Police Department, the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, and the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Source: Oregon State Police

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