Nearman Pleads Guilty

Photo: Ford, Brad

Former Oregon State Representative Michael Nearman has pleaded guilty to the crime of Official Misconduct in the First Degree for letting demonstrators into the locked Oregon State Capitol buidling in December.

He was sentenced by the Honorable Cheryl Pellegrini.

The conviction stems from an incident that occurred on December 21, 2020, when Nearman, then a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, intentionally allowed protesters into the Oregon State Capitol at a time when the building was closed for a special legislative session.

Once inside, the protesters, some of whom were armed, fought with law enforcement officers and caused damage to the building.

Nearman’s stipulated sentence includes 18 months of bench probation and orders him to perform 80 hours of community service work, pay $2,700.00 in restitution for the damage caused to the building, and bans him from the Oregon State Capitol and its grounds.

A charge of Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Marion County District Attorney Paige Clarkson stated that, “This plea and sentencing concludes an embarrassing and disgraceful event in our state’s history. I am thankful that no members of law enforcement, or anyone else were seriously injured as a result of Nearman’s irresponsible actions. Additionally, I am grateful to the Oregon State Police for their complete and thorough investigation that led to this conviction.”

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