Oregon City Ends Clackamatte Park Reservations

Oregon City cancels current and future reservations at Clackamette Park following demonstrations that led to police declaring a riot last Friday. Here's the statement from Oregon City:

Intimidation and violence will not be tolerated at any City park or facility. The violence that occurred on June 18, 2021, is unacceptable and does not represent the values and expectations of the City of Oregon City, our community, or our businesses.

In an effort to protect our community from future acts of violence and to preserve the integrity of Oregon City parks the City of Oregon City is canceling reservations by the same person who reserved Clackamette Park on Friday, June 18. The City does not take this action lightly, however, we are not willing to risk further property damage and personal injury caused by the unacceptable behavior of a small group of individuals. The City stands with peaceful and nonviolent groups who wish to encourage and engage in conversation, the free exchange of ideas, and community healing.

The City of Oregon City and the Oregon City Police Department are taking several actions in response to the violence that occurred.

Future requests for reservations by any of the individuals involved in the incident will be denied. The City is in the process of reviewing its park reservation policy to determine if changes are necessary to ensure that our parks are safe for all users.

The Oregon City Police Department is in the process of investigating the June 18, 2021, incident. Investigators will be determining crimes that occurred and identifying suspects and potential victims. Investigators will be working with the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute those crimes.

Parks are expected to be used responsibly so that all visitors can exercise their rights, minds, and bodies safely. The City will act immediately to close parks in response to violent protests, as we did at Clackamette Park on Friday, June 18.

The City expects everyone will use the parks in a respectful and safe manner and is actively exploring options for how best to address future reservations that could incite violence.

Our parks are a necessity because they make us healthier as individuals, they are places for us to come together and enjoy our beautiful City and, more importantly, they help build stronger communities. This is your park. The City is here to manage them responsibly and to ensure that all visitors can use our parks safely.

Source: Oregon City

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