Nearman Expelled From Oregon House

The Oregon House unanimously expelled Mike Nearman from his office of State Representative making him the first representative to be expelled in Oregon history.

A resolution was considered on Thursday by a special House committee where evidence was shown that Nearman walked out of the Capitol building last December and let armed demonstrators into the building.

A video was played that showed Nearman talking about a plan to let demonstrators inside. He gave out his cell phone number as part of the plan.

Nearman testified at the hearing, saying it was the public's right to be in the building.

The Oregon Legislature has passed special rules that allowed the Capitol to be closed, because of the pandemic.

Video showed that when Oregon State Police tried to stop the demonstrators, the protesters used bear spray on them. Troopers eventually drove them out of the building.

Nearman also spoke on the House floor. He said that he wasn't treated fairly and wasn't given due process.

The House voted 59 to 1, with Nearman being the lone vote against the measure.

Nearman faces two criminal charges over the incident.

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