ODOT Hires Graffiti Cleaners

Photo: ODOT

ODOT has increased its graffiti cleanup efforts along Portland area interstate highways in an additional effort that will continue through the end of June.

With graffiti becoming an increasing problem, ODOT hired a contractor, River City Environmental, to clean areas along Interstates 5, 205 and 405. The contract runs through June 30 with work able to take place 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

The crews will paint over graffiti visible from the freeways, including, sound walls, and bridge pillars on the right shoulder. No lanes will close during the work.

The work will take place along:

• Interstate 5, between I-205 and the Interstate Bridge

• Interstate 205, between the Abernethy Bridge and the Columbia River

• Interstate 405.

Since the middle of 2020, we’ve spent time and money trying to keep up with the graffiti, working to keep public spaces clean and safe. But the problem is getting worse. Our crews sometimes cover graffiti at a site only to see it reappear within days.

As weather and workload allows, ODOT sends crews throughout the Portland area to clean up the increasing amount of graffiti along ODOT property. The work by the contractor this month comes in addition to the work by our maintenance crews.

Once this contract is completed, ODOT maintenance crews will continue their cleanup efforts and we will continue to develop the resources needed to more aggressively clean graffiti.

Source: ODOT

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