Paws On Patrol Crime Fighters

The Vancouver Police Department invites local dog and cat owners to sign up for a brand-new micro-volunteer program, Paws on Patrol.

Paws on Patrol encourages community members, who are already walking their pets, to be more present while out on walks, report common suspicious activities they may see, and promotes getting to know neighbors and neighborhoods better. No pet? No problem. Anyone is welcome to register.

Paws on Patrol provides volunteers valuable tips on how to be a good witness and how to effectively call 911 or 311 when necessary. The program emphasizes that behaviors are suspicious, people are not.

Similar programs across the nation have helped police departments build stronger relationships with their community, fostered improved neighborhood camaraderie and safety, and helped increase crime prevention awareness.

Unlike the more structured Neighbors On Watch (NOW) program, which requires a background check, 8 weeks of training and required monthly volunteer hours, Paws On Patrol participation consists of completing an online registration and watching the short training video posted on the Paws On Patrol web page. No background check or minimum volunteer hours are required to participate in this program.

For more information, and to register to participate in Paws On Patrol visit:

Source: Vancouver Police

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