Oregonians Could Make More Money On Unemployment

Photo: ODOT

Today House Bill 3178 passed the Oregon Senate. It will provide immediate relief to workers and employers deeply impacted by COVID-19 and help get more Oregonians back to work without losing money.

“This is a common sense policy that will make a big difference,” says Val Hoyle, Oregon Labor Commissioner. “As Oregon’s economy continues to reopen, we must do everything we can to support workers and businesses. Oregonians are still juggling disrupted childcare, part-time school, financial challenges, and the continued risk of COVID-19 – everyone can’t simply go back to work as if it’s February 2020. Now, workers will have support to get back to work part time without losing money each week and businesses can slowly open up as it’s safe to do so.”

The bill will increase the weekly total Oregonians can make from work hours without impacting unemployment benefits to $300. It will put more money in Oregonians’ pockets, let people work without losing money, and help employers put people to work part-time when part-time work might be all they have to offer.

Many Oregon employers believe this policy will help support their rapidly changing workforce needs, COVID-19 regulations, and worker shortages.

“Oregon’s hospitality industry needs a helping hand to assist our workforce willing to pick up extra shifts on a part time basis while keeping baseline benefits in place to help workers make ends meet,” says Jason Brandt, President and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association. “As the industry reels from a deep worker shortage, this legislation helps workers and their employers all at the same time.”

The bill goes to the governor for her consideration.

Source: Bureau of Oregon Labor and Industries

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