Oregon Legislature Passed Bill To Improve Shelter Options

Photo: ODOT

The Oregon Senate passed House Bill 2006 today, a bill that allows local governments greater flexibility in siting emergency shelter locations.

While the nation battled the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the northwest experienced the compounding tragedy of devastating wildfires. Those wildfires led to the loss of homes, businesses, communities and lives. Many Oregonians have been displaced, many have lost jobs, and many have confronted extreme loss.

“Prior to COVID-19 taking hold in our state, many were suffering due to our housing crisis,” said Senator Deb Patterson (D-Salem) who carried House Bill 2006 to passage. “Our housing emergency preceded, and has been exacerbated, in the past year. And it’s harmed our vulnerable community members disproportionately,” Senator Patterson added.

House Bill 2006 was introduced by Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) and championed in the Oregon Senate by Senator Deb Patterson. The bill will remove bureaucratic obstacles for local governments who want to provide care and shelter to struggling community members.

“Any delay in providing shelter could cost lives. By passing House Bill 2006 we ensure our local governments can best serve their residents. They will be more equipped to provide safety, rest and healing by offering shelter to their neighbors,” Senator Patterson added.

House Bill 2006 passed the Oregon House April 5, 2021. The bill has an emergency clause and will be enacted when the Governor signs it into law.

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