6 Arrested During May Day Riot In Portland

Six people were arrested during a riot that followed a peaceful day of May Day demonstrations on Saturday in Portland.

One group demonstrated at Portland City Hall breaking windows and spray painting graffiti. A second group demonstrated outside of the ICE building in South Portland.

Police say one man pulled a knife on officers. 26-year-old Michael Issacs, of Portland, was charged with Menacing and Disorderly Conduct.

PPB made focused arrests of individuals engaged in criminal acts including:

Phoebe Loomis, 36 years-old, of Portland, was charged with Criminal Mischief II. A helmet, gloves, metal tool, bear spray, and gas mask were seized.

Quang Ngyen, 20 years-old, of Kent, Washington was charged with Criminal Mischief I and Disorderly Conduct II. A hammer and sling shot, along with instructions on how to make a sling shot, were seized.

Krystopher Donnelly, 27 years-old, of Portland, was arrested on a warrant for Riot, Criminal Mischief I, and Resist Arrest.

Jeremiah Day, 22, of Portland, was arrested for Menacing officers with a butterfly knife.

Darren Stephens, 36 years-old, of Portland, was arrested for a warrant for Criminal Mischief II.

"We appreciate those who engaged in their First Amendment rights this afternoon in a peaceful manner. Once again, under the cover of darkness, several dozen people decided to damage and destroy multiple businesses in our downtown area resulting in a riot," Chief Chuck Lovell said. "The situation became extremely dangerous when a man brandished a knife at officers when officers were simply doing their job. The officers appear to have exercised restraint and professionalism and safely apprehended this suspect. I am proud of all of our employees who worked to minimize further damage and arrest some of the criminals involved."

On Monday, police announced officers also arrested 32-year-old Randy Alton Graves for Menacing and Disorderly Conduct II and 42-year-old Charles Stubbs for Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing, and Disorderly Conduct II. Both were booked into jail.

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