I-5 Paving Project Starts Monday

Look for night lane closures, night ramp closures and slowdowns starting Monday as ODOT begins a project paving five miles of Interstate 5 between Interstate 205 and the Boone Bridge.

Next week, expect work at night on weekdays with lane closures between Southwest Elligsen Road and the Willamette River on I-5 north and Saturday night on I-5 south.

During the project, travelers should expect nighttime single and double lane closures and occasional ramp closures on I-5. ODOT plans no full closures of the freeway, northbound or southbound, during the project. Typically, the night work will take place in one direction of I-5 at a time in sections of the project area.

Plans are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. We expect completion by the end of 2021.

This section of I-5 was last paved in 2009 and the pavement is rutting. The project will result in a smoother ride, increased safety for travelers and will extend the lifespan of the freeway. Delaying maintenance, including paving, can mean greater costs later.

As part of this project, ODOT will:

  • Repave five miles of I-5 between the I-205 interchange and the Boone Bridge in Wilsonville, smoothing out the ride for travelers on this section of I-5 that averages 145,950 vehicles every weekday.
  • Resurface and complete bridge maintenance work on several structures, increasing safety and extending the lifespan of the bridges.
  • Install new ramp meters for the on-ramps to I-5 south from Elligsen Road. This area contributes to high traffic volumes on I-5. The busy on-ramps make it difficult for vehicles to merge. Installing ramp meters improves merging and is expected to reduce crashes.
  • The work is a key part of our efforts to preserve and maintain the highways as part a of modern and multimodal transportation system.

Traffic impacts include:

  • Nighttime lane closures: lane closure times vary based on location, but in general can occur between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights. To view more information on lane closure times, visit the project website.
  • Some nighttime lane or full closures of on- and off-ramps at the Elligsen Road interchange (exit 286), Wilsonville Road interchange (exit 283) and the I-5/I-205 interchange. Detour maps will be available on the project website.
  • Occasional rolling slowdowns at night to create a gap in traffic near Elligsen Road.
  • During night work, sections of I-5 will be closed to people walking and biking. Plan an alternate route. When construction requires a nighttime pedestrian closure of the Boone Bridge over the Willamette River, an ADA accessible vehicle equipped with bike racks will be available to transport people walking or biking (between Miley Road and Wilsonville Road).

Source: ODOT

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