Sheriff's Sergeant Returns After 18 Months

On Monday, February 22, 2021, Sgt. Jeremy Braun returned to full duty at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office after being shot by an armed suspect in 2019. The shooting happened on August 8, 2019, near Henry Hagg Lake, following a theft in progress call. Sgt. Braun was working as part of the Tactical Negotiations Team tracking the suspect in a heavily wooded area when he and his team were ambushed. Sgt. Braun sustained life-threatening injuries before being flown to OHSU by Life Flight Network.

In the more than 18 months since the shooting incident, Sgt. Braun, who was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant last year, has overcome incredible odds to be back working a full schedule. Sgt. Braun suffered serious injuries to his neck and upper body. He spent more than a month in the hospital and many more months in physical therapy. Sgt. Braun had to relearn how to walk and even speak.

Thinking about being back to work for his first full-duty shift, Sgt. Braun said, “It’s like falling off a bike, you forget, but you know how to do it. I’m very happy to be back, but kind of nervous at the same time.”

Sgt. Braun will be spending the next several weeks working with other Patrol Division Sergeants learning the ropes of his new position. He is based out of the Sheriff’s Office headquarters in Hillsboro.

Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

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