Washington Tells Vaccine Tourists To Stay Home


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Given the limited supply of vaccine that is available at this time and our state’s commitment to equitable and fair access to vaccine, the state of Washington is requiring that those seeking COVID-19 vaccines in its four mass vaccination sites (Ridgefield, Spokane, Kennewick, and Wenatchee) must either live or work in Washington state.

Regardless of citizenship or immigration status, all eligible people living or working in Washington should get vaccinated.

All of us recognize the desire to get vaccinated and know that neighboring states also are vaccinating their people. If you do not live or work in Washington, please do not make vaccine appointments or travel to these Washington mass vaccination sites for vaccines.

People who register for vaccines at these four sites may be asked to provide one of the following:

• driver's license or work/school ID,

• letter with your address,

• utility bill,

• statement/letter with a Washington state address, or

• voucher from an employer, faith-based institution, health care provider, school, or other registered organization or agency, etc. that the person lives or works in Washington state.

The vaccine site will not make a copy or record this information in any way. This is only to show that the person currently resides or works in Washington state.

Source: Washington Department of Health

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