Car Window Smashed Near Pioneer Courthouse Square

A driver going past Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland had the car's window smashed without provocation.

It happened Monday evening.

The victim told police a group of unknown subjects shattered the windshield of their vehicle.

The victim stated he was dropping someone off downtown when he had to drive through the area of Pioneer Square. There was a candlelight vigil at Pioneer Square attended by about 60 people. An additional 20 people wearing all black with helmets also arrived. The victim said he was driving through the intersection of Southwest 6th Ave and Morrison St when he saw about seven adult males crossing the street. The victim said he had a green light but saw the group, so he slowed and then stopped to let the group pass.

The victim said once he stopped, a large adult male, wearing all black, began yelling at the victim through the closed window. The victim said the suspect then jumped on top of the car, smashing the windshield.

The victim said he was shocked by what happened and said the suspect walked off with his friends; laughing and joking. The victim had a seven year-old child in the backseat of the vehicle who was terrified by the incident.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Portland Police at 503 823-3333. Please reference case number 20-349849.