New Guidance For Wearing Masks In Oregon

OHA has revised its guidance on face coverings to include the following new provisions:

The guidance now requires that people wear face coverings in all private and public workplaces including classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and workspaces, unless someone is alone in an office or in a private workspace.

The revised guidance also requires that people wear face coverings in outdoor and indoor markets, street fairs, private career schools and public and private colleges and universities.

Finally, the revised guidance also recommends wearing a face covering instead of a face shield, except in limited situations when a face shield is appropriate such as when communicating with someone who is deaf or hearing impaired and needs to read lips. COVID-19 is surging again. Oregonians can to lower the risk to themselves, their families and their communities by:

• Wearing a face covering

• Keeping 6 or more feet away from others

• Avoiding large gatherings and limiting social gatherings

• Frequently washing our hands.

Source: Oregon Health Authority