Portland Police Traffic Officers Offer Equipment Vouchers

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to enhancing traffic safety and gaining voluntary compliance with traffic laws. In this spirit, the Bureau will begin issuing equipment vouchers to motorists stopped for minor vehicle equipment violations through the State's Car Care program. The intent of the voucher is to provide a discount at participating retailers that will assist the motorist in addressing the equipment violation at a reduced rate. The State has established 11 parts retailers who offer 20% discounts on parts purchases of $20.00 or more to a motorist via a voucher. Beginning Thursday, October 15, serialized vouchers will be carried and issued by the Portland Police Bureau's Traffic Division officers.

"I am pleased that we are able to start this program. It highlights the positive impacts we can have outside of traditional enforcement and furthers the ability to assist community members in helping to make our roads safer," said Chief Chuck Lovell.

To find a participating retailer near you visit www.oregon.gov/osp/CarCare. Vendors interested in participating in this process may contact Oregon State Police Motorist Discounts at OSPGeneralServices@osp.state.or.us.