Hemp Heist Suspects Arrested

Four men who apparently thought they stolen pot plants were arrested for allegedly stealing hemp plants.

A Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy stopped the crew on Highway 211 early Tuesday morning.

They were carrying large bags. A green leafy plant was protruding from the opening of at least one bag. Green leaves were poking out of the pockets of the subjects. Mud was caked on the subjects' feet and ankles. One subject was carrying a large bushel of plants in his arms in addition to his bagful.

They had 60 to 80 pounds of plants.

The deputy determined the four suspects had stolen the plants from a nearby legal grow operation.

The suspects had heard about the farm from a friend, and two of them had had taken a bus from Portland to Molalla to steal the plants, thinking the plants were recreational marijuana.

The plants were really hemp made for high grade CBD production.

The owner of the farm arrived and identified the plants as hemp, which only contains a minimal amount of THC; these plants are mostly used for therapeutic CBD oils, and would not have delivered any intoxicating effect.

The plants were valued around $2,500, and were returned to the owner.

The suspects were booked into the Clackamas County Jail on charges of Theft I and Criminal Trespass II. Booking photos and photos from the arrest scene are attached.

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