Holiday Farm Fire Burns 37,000 Acres

Photo: Oregon State Fire Marshal

The Holiday Farm Fire started Monday, although the exact cause isn’t yet known. The fire is currently burning on both sides of Highway 126 and the McKenzie River. It is moving west from approximately mile post 47 and is currently two miles past Vida. The fire is estimated at 37,000 acres.

At 2:33 a.m. the Governor declared this fire a conflagration. This allows local resources from across the state to help, however firefighting resources are extremely scarce due to the large number of fires burning in Oregon and along the entire west coast.

There were a number of residents who were unable to evacuate due to roads blocked by fire and debris. After several roads were cleared, firefighters helped 46 people escape the evacuation zone this afternoon.

Three Lane County Task Force teams responded around 8:30 p.m. last night to help fight the fire. They were blocked in due to fallen debris on roads. The crews were in a safe area and no firefighters have been injured. As of 1:45 p.m. today the road has been cleared and the firefighters were able to return to the firefight. Rescue, evacuation work and road clearing continue throughout the area.

Despite the hard work of firefighters, the fast-moving flames have destroyed homes and structures last night and today. Crews are diligently working to find anyone still trapped in their homes and will assess the damage over the coming days.

This fire damaged communications towers throughout the area. Communications are limited along the Highway 126 corridor. Teams are actively working to reestablish effective communications.

Additional wild land fire suppression resources, including an Oregon Department of Forestry Type 1 Incident Management Team, are continuing to arrive. These personnel will be looking for every opportunity to attack the fire directly.