Oregon Humane Society Helps Animals Affected By Hurricane Laura

Photo: Oregon Humane Society

The Oregon Humane Society is working in partnership with the ASPCA and Wings of Rescue to transport 49 pets from shelters in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Laura.

The animals were available for adoption at nine different animal shelters including Lafourche Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Charles Parish and others.

Moving animals from the area, opens up space and resources to help pets and people directly affected by the hurricane.

“As we’ve seen before, disaster response continues long after the hurricane has passed,” says Brian August, OHS Chief Operating Officer. “Despite the challenges of the pandemic, OHS is committed to doing everything we can to help communities recovering from Hurricane Laura.

In addition to receiving pets to make room for animals affected by the hurricane, OHS has offered assistance through national organizations directly involved with the response efforts. OHS has more than 130 OHS staff and volunteers certified in Emergency Animal Sheltering who are able to deploy to disaster zones at a moment’s notice.

Source: Oregon Humane Society