Demonstrators Throw Fire Bombs At Police

Demonstrators protested outside of the Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct Saturday night.

They threw fire bombs at officers. One person in the crowd caught on fire and was taken to a hospital.

The demonstrators also shot commercial grade fireworks at police. One officer was hit and the firework burned through the officer's glove injuring his hand.

The crowd started fires in dumpsters and used pallets and other items to set fires in the street near the precinct building.

Portland Police and Oregon State Police kept the crowd away from the building.

Police used crowd control munitions and tear gas to break up the crowd.

Over 50 people were arrested. At least two were wearing body armor. One had a dagger, another had a knife. The names of those arrested and their charges will be released in a later update.

The response to this event included not only Portland Police Rapid Response Team and Oregon State Police, but PPB precincts had to pull officers out of patrol to assist. That limited the ability to respond to calls. At about 2:00 a.m., there were almost 150 calls for service holding in the City of Portland.

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