100th Day Protest

Photo: Gun recovered from vehicle towed from demonstration

Demonstrators protested outside of the Portland Police Association office in North Portland on the 100th day of demonstrations.

Portland Police say demonstrators started at Kenton Park and marched to the PPA office.

Many of the protesters wore helmets, gas masks, armored clothing, and some carried shields.

Since the PPA office had been the target of arson previously, officers surrounded the building to keep demonstrators away.

Demonstrators started throwing rocks, bottles and other items at police and the event was declared an unlawful assembly. The crowd was told to leave, but they didn't.

Police made several arrests.

One woman who was arrested was bleeding from her head. She was treated by a Portland Fire and Rescue medic before being transported by ambulance to a hospital. Soon after the ambulance pulled away from the scene, she jumped out of the ambulance and left.

Officers conducted stops on vehicles that were supporting the assembly. In one vehicle, they discovered an illegally possessed pistol. The driver was arrested on a warrant and gun related charges. The car was towed.

27 people were arrested.

PPB was assisted by Oregon State Police. Some crowd control munitions were used, but no tear gas was deployed by officers.

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