Arson At Portland Police Association Office

Demonstrators tried to burn the Portland Police Association office in North Portland.

A demonstration Friday night started at Peninsula Park with a march.

Many in the group were wearing protective gear, including helmets, goggles or gas masks, all black clothing, and/or carrying shields.

Marchers arrived PPA building shortly after midnight. It's located in the 1800 block of North Lombard Street. They blocked traffic both directions. Someone cut the power line to the building almost immediately.

The PPA office has been the site of numerous violent protests over the past few months, and protesters have set the building on fire several times. It is located in a residential neighborhood and police say there is concern that any building fire could spread to occupied homes, especially during the current stretch of dry weather.

About 10 minutes later, individuals wheeled multiple dumpsters into the road and set at least one on fire. The fire was in the road and not threatening any structures. In the interest of de-escalating the situation, Portland Police Bureau officers remained out of sight. However, people put some debris, including a large mattress, against the front door of the building, appeared to spray accelerant on it, and set it on fire. The flames appeared to engulf the front door area of the building and nearly reach the roofline. Due to the extreme life safety concerns, the Incident Commander declared the incident a riot. A warning was broadcast by loudspeaker that the incident was declared a riot and all persons were to disperse immediately to the north. Failure to comply with the order may subject them to citation or arrest to the use of tear gas, crowd control agents, and/or impact munitions.

Officers responded and moved the rioters away from the building so the fire could be extinguished. As officers approached, rioters threw objects at them, including rocks. Multiple officers suffered minor injuries after being struck by rocks. During the response, officers used crowd control munitions. However, no CS (tear) gas was deployed.

There was fire damage to the front of the PPA building. Officers also recovered a bottle that contained flammable fluid. An arson investigator responded and gathered evidence of the crime.