MyODFW App Problem With IPhones

ODFW recently became aware that the MyODFW app will not open on iPhones or iPads when the device is out of cell service or in airplane mode—users will get an error message instead. App users who encounter this problem will not be able to e-tag their fish or animal once out of cell service if their MyODFW app isn’t already open on their Apple device.

ODFW is working on fixing the problem but isn’t sure when it will be resolved. In the meantime, ODFW is asking iPhone and iPad users to take the following steps. (Android devices are not affected.)

• Take a screenshot of your license and tags.

• Open the app while you still have cell service or WiFi and leave it turned on/logged in during your trip.

• Do not swipe the app off the screen during your trip as this will close the MyODFW app.

• If possible, do not turn off your phone during your trip as this will close the MyODFW app.

Until this problem is resolved, the screenshot showing a valid tag will temporarily suffice to show to Oregon State Police or ODFW, should you encounter them in the field. However, MyODFW app users who encounter this problem must immediately complete e-tagging once they are back in cell or WiFi service. Also, app users will need to update to the latest app version that fixes this problem once it is available as the screenshot will no longer suffice for proof of tag (users will be alerted to update their app once the new version is available).

Hunters and anglers who have this problem with their MyODFW app in the field need to take the following steps:

HUNTERS: If you harvest an animal, take all the steps you normally would (except for electronically validating the tag and adding the confirmation number to your handwritten tag). Reminder that hunters who are e-tagging need to write their name, ODFW ID, date of birth and harvest date on anything that will stand up to the elements (like flagging or duct tape) and affix it to the animal like a traditional tag. Keep it attached to the carcass in transport. As soon as you are back in cell service, complete e-tagging and write the confirmation number down on whatever is affixed to your animal.

ANGLERS: At the time of harvest, document the required information (species, type wild or hatchery, location) either on paper or with any tool available on your mobile device (text, email, notepad). As soon as you are in cell service, complete the regular e-tagging procedure.

ODFW is notifying all customers who have downloaded the MyODFW app and opted in to receive emails from us about this problem.

“We apologize for this inconvenience and want to thank all our customers for their business and their patience while we resolve this problem,” said Mathew Oeder, ODFW Management Resources Division Administrator.

Source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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