Oregon's North Coast Parks Are Packed

Photo: Oregon Parks Department

Visitor traffic on Oregon’s north coast has spiked to extraordinarily high levels in August, causing problems with parking congestion and trash.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is working with other state and local agencies to create a safer, more enjoyable experience for visitors. While resources are stretched thin by the public health emergency and economic stress, Tillamook County, the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Oregon State Police, and OPRD will:

Designate safer, legal parking options and advise drivers to keep traveling if parking lots are full. With support from ODOT, more than a dozen new advisory and “No parking” signs will be installed along U.S. 101,

Increase restroom and trash services where money and labor are available,

Step up enforcement, ticketing unsafely parked cars and calling for tows at the owner’s expense, where needed.

“If you love the coast, show it,” says Lisa Sumption, OPRD Director. “Take care of it and yourselves with some very simple steps.”

Visitors play a key role in protecting parks from damage. In addition to preparing for a safe visit using the guidelines posted online at https://stateparks.oregon.gov, each visitor can help by:

  • Only parking in designated stalls
  • Bypassing full parks and going someplace else
  • Packing out anything brought in and leaving no trash
  • Using restrooms before arriving or after leaving
  • Visiting mid-week early in the day