Demonstrators Set Fire To Police Association Office

Demonstrators in North Portland Tuesday night focused their attention on the Portland Police Association office in North Portland.

Police say they ripped the plywood from the entrance, went inside and set fire to the building. Police declared an unlawful assembly and after several hours the group left the area around 3:30 this morning. Several arrests were made.

During the demonstration, the driver of a truck hit a parked motorcycle and dragged it through the crowd on Lombard Boulevard. No one was hit by the truck. The driver was stopped by police and officers say the person was cooperative. The investigation continues.

Also while the demonstration was underway several shots were fired nearby. There was a fight in a convenience store parking lot and several more shots were fired. No one was injured. A vehicle was hit by the gunfire. Most of the ran before police arrived. The remaining people wouldn't talk with police.

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