Hysterical Karens & Kens May Soon Get To Jab Their Pets With The COVID Vax

The hysterical-types now want to vax their pets. Fear is one hell of a drug.

The Daily Mail reports that veterinarian in Australian is close to getting approval for a COVID vaccine for pets.

From the Daily Mail:

Australia's 29 million pets could soon be vaccinated against Covid-19 thanks to the efforts of a determined vet.
Dr Sam Kovac is doggedly pursued Australian regulatory approval for the world's only Covid vaccine for pets, developed in Russia, and is optimistic recent developments mean it will soon be on the market here.
His practice, Southern Cross Vets in Sydney, has been inundated with calls about vaccines from owners worried about their pets catching the virus. 
However, Covid vaccines for furry friends require sign-off from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, and as yet that has not been granted…”
He says, “it's pretty exciting. It's looking like it's going to happen.”

The cat ladies are going to be so happy.

Fear is one hell of a drug that people just can’t seem to quit. 

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