Sen. Cruz Buries DHS Sec. Mayorkas & Biden Admin On Illegal Immigration

Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to answer questions about the border crisis.

When Mayorkas appears on CNN, NBC or one of the other networks he is rarely challenged and thus is able to get through all his talking points unchallenged.

However, Sen. Ted Cruz left Mayorkas stuttering simply by challenging him and the administration in a masterful 8 minutes of grilling.

Cruz asked Mayorkas about how many illegal immigrant children “have been in the Biden cages?”

Mayorkas said they aren’t place in cages, Sen. Cruz responded with a photo he took while touring the illegal immigrant holding facility in Donna, Texas.

Cruz then brought up the fact that President Joe Biden has not yet visited the southern border.

Mayorkas admitted that neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris had visited the Donna facility.

And then Sen. Cruz asked "has any Democratic member of this committee given a damn enough to see the children being locked up by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of your failed immigration policies?”

In addition Cruz, grilled Mayorkas asking

-“...has Joe Biden been down to see firsthand the Biden cages?”
-“How many women have been sexually assaulted being trafficked into this country in 2021?”
-“How many children have been sexually assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally?”
“”How many murderers have you released?”
-“How many rapists have you released?”
-“How many child molesters have you released?”

More Sen. Cruz grilling Mayorkas on Biden’s plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each over the family separation policy

Sen. Cruz appeared on Hannity last night where he added:

"one of the most dismaying things seeing Secretary Mayorkas' pitiful performance at the hearing today is the disaster at the southern border is not an accident. It's by design. They are intending this catastrophe to unfold and the only explanation as to why is that they believe as a matter of crass partisan politics, that if you let millions and millions of illegal aliens in, that many of them in future years will vote Democrat. And so they're willing to overlook everything else."

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