Portland Councilman's Home Vandalized 7-Times For Refusing To Defund Police

Back in early November, Portland City Council rejected a proposal to defund the police by an additional $18 million in a 3-2.

Newly elected councilman Dan Ryan was considered the swing vote that ultimately defeated the plan.

At the time, Councilman Ryan said that “cutting an additional $18 million at a time when we have no viable alternative to fill the service gap left behind is not my idea of police reform.”

Ryan says since then, his home has been vandalized seven times.

After the latest episode that occurred over the weekend, Ryan told The Oregonian newspaper, “I ask those who seek my attention on city business to schedule time with me and my team. We welcome scheduled meetings, during working hours, to hear inclusive perspectives on the complex challenges facing our city. Acts of vandalism to my home, in the veil of darkness, will not allow me to actively and compassionately listen to you.”

The Oregonian reports that Ryan’s decision not to defund the police has “outraged a number of progressives and police reform advocates, some of whom marched to his home that evening and damaged the property” after the November 5th vote.

The articles continues:

“Ryan’s remarks about the ongoing vandalism come as Portland elected officials continue to be confronted — and sometimes threatened and intimidated — by members of the public who oppose their politics or the positions they take on issues…
Other political figures in the city have also been recent targets.
The lawyer for the Portland Police Association, Anil Karia, said his Northeast Portland office was vandalized with graffiti and broken windows Monday evening.
And on Tuesday night, the eve of the city’s resumption of police union contract talks, people showed up outside Karia’s home and harassed him and his family, he said.
People went onto Karia’s porch, banged on windows and tore off an exterior camera about 11:30 p.m, union representatives said.
“I found that personally reprehensible, and if you sense a touch of anger in my voice, that’s what you’re getting,” Karia said.
He said the harassment at his home was an “effort to intimidate me, my family and my kids.” Karia added that people also smashed out windows at his office and scrawled graffiti on the building’s exterior over the summer.
Ryan said it adds stress to an already stressful time for public officials to be targeted at home and late at night.”

Last week, Mayor Ted Wheeler was harassed by Antifa thugs at a restaurant. One of them swatted at him as well.

That incident was captured on video.

Prior to that, these violent left-wing punks shot fireworks at Wheeler's condo, prompting the mayor to move.

Funny how officials in Portland being routinely harassed at their homes by unhinged liberals over the past few months is not a national story.