Partly Personal

Partly Personal: I am always honored to have any of our congressional delegation join us on the show. Every member of our Oregon congressional delegation has joined us at one time or another, including both U.S. Senators Wyden and Merkly. I see this as an opportunity for listeners to hear from their elected representatives talking about the news of the day and current and future legislation that affects the lives of everyday Oregonians and beyond. I do not conduct “got you” interviews. That’s not how I roll. I do like to dig deeper when it comes to things I think my listeners might find useful. I am pleased that OPB found my above interview with Congressman Walden useful. They determined that the congressman misspoke in one of his answers and his office has clarified the congressman’s comments. I thank congressman Walden for answering my questions on “gun issues” and what I felt were honest answers about “red-flag” laws and beyond. Click Here