Video: 'Aliens' Share Quarantine Tips

If tales of crashed flying saucers and extraterrestrial visitors being held captive by the government are to be believed, it stands to reason that these aliens would know a thing or two about surviving under quarantine. That's the premise behind a bizarre and wildly entertaining music video from a Las Vegas entertainment complex known as Area 15. In the amusing presentation, ETs 'Hilly' and 'Nilly' rap about how they have been living in quarantine since getting stranded on Earth and explain that they've recently noticed that the human species is a similar predicament.

"In certain situations, it's the safest thing to do," declared the aliens, who encourage us to "make your quarantine into a Planet Earth staycation." Hilly and Nilly proceed to suggest a litany of activities the people can do while stuck at home, including catch up on their reading, start an online business, or learn a language. The video culminates with the uplifting message that humans can adapt to this uneasy new lifestyle, declaring "you may feel trapped, but you can transcend."

Check out the awesome music video at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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