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The last two days on the Armstrong and Getty Show, we have discussed how rich parents have bribed colleges with money in order to get their children into prestigious schools. My college was not on that list. It was on the "well...its better than nothing college list". The highlight for the students at my school was that there was a part time Taco Bell available. The students at my school were amused easily.

What I always find so amusing about this is that there are many people out there who do not have college degrees and have built their own businesses and have become quite wealthy. And no I am not talking about El Chapo.

There are a lot of successful people that went to simple state colleges. My dad went to a relatively small state college and has been successful with his consulting business. Despite this, he still uses his son for lawnmowing and other labor (my back is sore today).

The name of a school on a degree does not always guarantee that a person will become successful. Hard work ethic, good people skills, willingness to learn new things....there are many factors to becoming a successful person. Being good looking can help as well. For example, I would do poorly as a Chippendale dancer but a young Marshall Phillips might have been able to pull it off.

I would imagine these parents that are paying off school officials would be horrified to have their children working in blue collar jobs where their precious children might have to get their hands dirty. I know Jack has talked on the air about taking care of cattle as a teen and having cow dung in his mouth and on his hands. Of course, he is a simpleton and probably didn't wear gloves or follow instructions. Personally, I would have driven to the nearest gas station and worked there instead. But there are so many successful blue collars workers who have become wealthy and have raised their families successfully.There are successful plumbers, welders, car mechanics, construction workers, electric utility workers, etc.

My late grandfather actually went to a barber college and learned to cut hair. He started his own business and raised his family this way.Plus, he was able to use his skills to add additional income by cutting hair for disabled people. And no...his father did not bribe the owners of the barber college with money or fancy scissors or a risque barber shop quartetMy grandfather took pride in making it on his own.

To me, the ones that will suffer the most are the kids. College students who have their parents pay their way will never learn how to get their hands dirty or take care of themselves and pay their own way in life. I just bought my first home and I did that simply by saving up for a down payment the old fashioned way...through hard work. Nobody paid my way... and I like that!Parents do a disservice to their kids when the pay their way.

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