Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty


Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty live by one simple rule--NEVER TRY.  No wait, that's Homer Simpson.  

Jack & Armstrong & Joe Getty don't actually live by one simple rule--because the world is far to complex.  

But, Jack & Joe do embrace a few core values, perhaps none more important than the requirement to make you laugh!  

Aiding them in this pursuit--a near lethal daily overconsumption of news media.  It's a form of gluttony that cannot be cured.  But, their addiction provides them with a deep well of buffoons, poor choice makers and even worse decision makers to mock and ridicule on a daily basis.  This group exist within our society at every level:  in the government, in Hollywood and even next door to your mom's house.  Oh, and there's a particularly loathsome group of folks worth mocking in Canada. And in the Netherlands.

All that aside, there are a few things you need to know about the show.  In particular, how it begins each day.  

First, Jack Armstrong will bolt into the studio in a nick of time each morning--just barely evading a serious fine from the FCC.  

Joe Getty will then introduce the person/persons/circumstance (our general manager) which could inspire a complete mental health breakdown (yours, not theirs). 

They're followed by life-long A&G staffers:  Michelangelo, Positive Sean & Legendary Newsman Marshall Phillips, each of whom acting as the croutons, grated cheese and cucumbers in the A&G news/talk/comedy salad bowl. 

This group of 5 mirth-making, intellectual nitwits (that's right, you can be both things) will then spend the rest of your morning mocking the mockable, excoriating the foolish and lampooning those who dare to intrude on our lives with their ridiculous behavior or misguided beliefs.     

Added to the mix, a collection of top level journalists who actually like Jack & Joe alot, and who beg us to appear on the show to deliver reports on the major stories that have real meaning in our lives. 

For those who prefer brevity, one could simply state that Armstrong & Getty mix humor, observations & the news of the day...blah blah blah...".   

What Armstrong & Getty actually accomplish each morning is something far more substantial, more unique, and more profound that just about any friggin show on the radio.  They demonstrate a level of excellence seldom seen in the history of modern broadcasting!  They're actually good--really, really REALLY good.  And Funny.  And Intelligent.  Imagine that!  

Armstrong & Getty are the real deal, the best 4 hours of radio entertainment on the entire planet!!!  



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