Kotek Completes 36 Counties Tour

During her first year in office, Governor Tina Kotek kept her promise to visit every county in the state. Over the course of her One Oregon Listening Tour, the Governor visited all 36 counties, meeting with approximately 973 Oregonians in 83 towns. First Lady Aimee Kotek Wilson accompanied her on 27 of the county visits.

The goal of the visits was to listen to Oregonians in their home communities – urban, suburban, rural, and frontier – to broaden the Kotek administration’s understanding of the state’s needs and build working partnerships across the state. The conversations centered around hearing from Oregonians about their hopes, challenges, and how the state can be a stronger partner on key priorities, such as housing and homelessness, behavioral health, and early education, as well as on issues unique to each county.

“Oregonians are resilient, committed, and ready to take on big things,” Governor Kotek said. “They have a can-do attitude. They look at problems in their communities and say, ‘this is what we can do, here’s where we could use some extra help.’ All the stories from the road, all the conversations, that information will inform my work in Salem, not only with my executive agencies, but with the Legislature, too.

“The One Oregon Listening Tour reinforced what makes Oregon special in my mind. That we are working together – not against each other – to solve the problems here that our state faces.”

The full list of county visits made during the One Oregon Listening Tour, including information and photos detailing every county stop, can now be found here.

Source: Oregon Governor's Office

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