ATM Technician Robbery

On August 24th, 2023, at approximately 1238 hours the ATM at Bank of America, 7404 NE HWY 99 Vancouver WA., had large amount of money stolen during a robbery. 

Prior to the robbery the ATM experienced a malfunction. A technician was dispatched to repair the ATM. While the technician was correcting the jam, two unknown males pulled up close to the ATM in an unlicensed white Kia sedan. One male, wearing a mask and gloves, shoved the technician to the ground and stole the money from the ATM while the other male waited in the driver’s seat of the car. The first male was seen getting into the Kia’s back passenger seats and driven away by the other male. The Kia was seen leaving the area and driving northbound on I-5. 

The suspects have yet to be identified. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is asking for assistance identifying the robbery suspects. If anyone has information on this robbery, please contact Detective Tanya Johnson at

Source: Clark County Sheriff's Office

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