Governor Launches Portland Central City Task Force

Photo: Ford, Brad

Governor Tina Kotek and Co-Chair Dan McMillan, president and CEO of The Standard, kicked off the first meeting of the Portland Central City Task Force (PCCTF). The meeting set the stage for the work ahead by defining their charge and timeline.

“Today made clear that this task force isn’t about reflecting on the past. It’s about our goals and vision for the economic future of our Central City,” Governor Kotek said. “I am already inspired by the enthusiasm, ideas, and dialogue among task force members today. We are bringing together a table of leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work to build a brighter economic future for Portland.”

Governor Kotek and Co-Chair McMillan outlined the mission of the task force, which is to build upon the good work that is already happening by identifying clear deliverables from both the public and private sectors that Oregonians will be able to feel and see with their own eyes. The recommendations will be presented at the Oregon Business Summit on December 11, 2023.

“In many respects the economic fortunes of the State depend on a vibrant and healthy Central City,” said Dan McMillan, president and CEO of The Standard. “We will stay at this as long as it takes, but our intention is for this to be a sprint that results in concrete actions and clear accountabilities.”

Issue specific committees will bring in additional leaders and subject matter experts to develop recommendations in five areas: Central City Value Proposition, Livable Neighborhoods, Community Safety, Housing and Homelessness, Taxes for Services.

“I am joining this task force to help us further the progress we are already making to revitalize Portland’s Central City,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said. “We know what the problems are and I am hopeful that this task force can bolster and expand programs that the City of Portland already operates, while also strengthening partnerships with our Federal, State, and other jurisdictional partners, local business, and community leaders.”

“I appreciate this strong partnership with the State and leaders from across Portland because no local government can tackle these tough problems on their own,” said Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson. “I am ready to work alongside the Task Force on actionable solutions. We know the challenges facing us today and what’s at stake for everyone who works here, raises a family here, recreates here, and everyone who calls Portland home. I will listen, lead, and act to bring focus, attention and increased urgency to the collaborations that will yield a healthier, more vibrant Portland.”

The full Task Force will meet again in September and October.

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