WATCH: Giant Boulder Slams Into Hawaii Home, Nearly Hitting Woman


Photo: Getty Images

A massive boulder slammed into a home in Hawaii, narrowly missing a woman standing inside. Surveillance video captured the terrifying moment the boulder, which was about five feet around, struck the house, causing a deafening boom as it knocked down a wall and rolled into their hallway.

“I heard the loud boom, and apparently, the boulder passed right in from of me, which I didn’t know; I couldn’t see it,” Caroline Sasaki told HawaiiNewsNow. “All I heard was the boom.”

There were four people at home when the boulder struck, but luckily, nobody was injured.

The Sasaki family told the news station they just moved into the home a month ago and are now trying to figure out how to deal with damage caused by the boulder.

When the insurance claims adjuster came to inspect the damage, the boulder was still inside because it was too large to move.

A neighbor told the station that a smaller boulder struck a retaining wall on his property but did not crash into his home or cause any damage.

Watch the surveillance camera footage that captured the moment the boulder slammed into their home below:

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