Wheeler Joins Other Mayors With Message To President Trump

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has joined with mayors from five other cities in sending a message to President Trump that federal agents need leave their cities.

Wheeler said, “Today, Mayors from around the country took a stand against unilateral federal intervention in our cities, calling for immediate removal of the President’s “Rapid Deployment Unit” squads and for congressional investigation of their unconstitutional terror tactics.

I was proud to join Mayor Durkan of Seattle, Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, Mayor Bowser of Washington, DC, and Mayor Lucas of Kansas City in these actions.

The President is attacking progressive cities with a classic ‘divide and conquer’ tactic. We must not fall prey to this. Nationwide, we must stand together for peace and for reform against those who would oppose it.

Here in Portland, our values are clear. We support peaceful protest. We support system change. We denounce violence.

I have asked our City Attorney to explore other legal options to address federal actions in our community. I will continue working with my Council colleagues to consider and direct reforms of the Portland Police Bureau, including the action plan I announced in June. I will continue to serve as Police Commissioner through this time of transformation. And I will continue to work with elected leaders from the County and the State to ensure that we are examining the criminal justice system as a whole."

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