Portland Police Stopped From Staging At Fire Stations

Portland City Commissioner Jo Anne Hardesty implements a new policy that no longer allows law enforcement to stage tactical operations at Portland Fire & Rescue facilities.

Recently, a story has been circulated that federally contracted law enforcement agents have been using Portland Fire & Rescue stations as staging areas for operations against demonstrators. PF&R would like to make it very clear that these federal agents were not, and will not ever, be allowed to use fire stations for their tactical operations.

To ensure that there is no confusion in regards to our role in providing safety to the residents of the city of Portland, Fire Commissioner Jo Anne Hardesty has directed that no PF&R station will be used by law enforcement of any kind, to include Portland Police, for any tactical operations until further notice.

Historically, Portland Police RRT officers were allowed to stage their personnel at fire stations for deployment. This will no longer be allowed.

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said, "The Portland Police will continue to proudly serve with the brave men and women of Portland Fire & Rescue. We work together every day, placing our lives in each other's hands to serve the community and will continue to do so."

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