Police Seek Suspects In Face Mask Assault

Vancouver Police are trying to identify a suspect who's accused of assaulting a woman after a dispute over a face mask.

On Wednesday, Vancouver Police officers responded to report of an assault in the vicinity of the running track, located between the campus of Clark College and Hudson's Bay High School in Vancouver.

The adult female victim became involved in a verbal altercation with an adult male while exercising at the track.

The argument was over the fact that the male was not wearing any type of a face covering or observing the "social distancing" guideline.

The female victim went to her parked vehicle and the suspect eventually followed her there. The suspect then assaulted the victim by striking her multiple times and kicking her on the head and upper body areas when she was on the ground. The suspect and the suspect's female associate then fled the area in a black SUV.

Victim sustained injuries and was transported to an area hospital. She is stable and has been released from the hospital as of this writing.

Vancouver Police have released images of the suspect and of the suspect's female associate are attached.

Vancouver Police Department investigators are attempting to identify both pictured subjects and are requesting for any additional witnesses to contact us and provide a statement.

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