Oregon Leaders Support DACA Decision


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Several Oregon political leaders support the decision from the U.S. Supreme Court concerning the DACA program.

Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement:

"Today the U.S. Supreme Court took significant action to protect dreamers all across our nation. Dreamers, brought to the United States as children, embody the American dream. While the Supreme Court kept DACA in place for now, the president may still try to end the program. Oregon's 12,000 valued Dreamers serve in our military, work in our hospitals, pay taxes, and make our communities stronger.

"Oregon will always be a welcoming, safe place for all. Our 33-year-old Sanctuary Law prevents Oregon from enforcing federal immigration law, and I will uphold this law and stand with Oregonian Dreamers. We are at our best when we focus on what we share in common, not what divides us.

"Words matter, and rhetoric from the White House has given rise to a very disturbing sentiment that has long targeted communities of color and especially undocumented individuals. Across the country, including right here in Oregon, there is a level of underlying bigotry and hate that shows its face in ways that were unimaginable before. I urge the federal government to let this decision stand and not to continue the relentless attacks on our immigrant communities. I will continue to stand with our undocumented community and fight against those attacks.

“We can celebrate this historic victory and still recognize we have work to do to ensure every Oregonian can live free from bigotry and hatred because of their immigration status or the color of their skin.”

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden issued this statement:

“Dreamers in Oregon and nationwide -- and all of us who stand with them -- just collectively breathed a sigh of relief. These determined, inspiring, hard-working young people belong in America and deserve the protections promised to them by the U.S. government.

"Today’s victory is even more reason for Congress to permanently protect Dreamers from the threat of deportation. The House has voted. Now the Senate must too."

Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill released the following statement in response to Thursday's decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to block the administration from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“This decision is an important first step towards protecting Oregon’s students, families and educators and a reminder we still have more work to do to protect DACA recipients. The ruling impacts approximately 650,000 DACA recipients nationwide including more than 11,000 in Oregon. As we move forward, the department reaffirms our commitment to protecting the rights of our DREAMers. ODE will continue to support districts in redoubling Oregon’s efforts to ensure schools and classrooms are safe, inclusive, welcoming and respectful for all educators, students and their families, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status or documentation status.”

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