Trillium Lake Rescue

A kayaker capsized while fishing in Trillium Lake.

The kayaker was wearing a life jacket, and was also wearing a set of waders. The waders filled with water, essentially limiting the effectiveness of the life jacket.

Two people attempted to rescue the lone kayaker and became exhausted in their attempt to bring the person to shore in inflatable rafts.

The two rescuers were not wearing life jackets and that put three lives in danger of drowning.

The Clackamas Water Rescue Consortium responded with rescuers from Sandy Fire District, Clackamas Fire District 1, American Medical Response, and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Rescuers used an inflatable raft to reach the three victims and remove them from the water.

A water rescue boat was used to bring them back to shore to be treated and eventually released at the scene.

Hoodland Fire District wants to remind people to please use life jackets when on the water.

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