At Least 20 Arrested Outside Justice Center

Photo: KATU

On June 7, 2020, at about 6:00 p.m., three organized groups of demonstrators gathered in the City of Portland. One group gathered in North Portland on the St. Johns Bridge, one gathered at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland, and a third gathered at the Justice Center in Downtown Portland.

Multiple thousands of peaceful demonstrators marched from Revolution Hall to Irving Park where they peacefully rallied for several hours. After the gathering, the group departed from Irving Park and marched back to Revolution Hall. For six consecutive days this group has gathered at Revolution Hall without violence, vandalism to the city, or disruptive behavior. This group has been able to manage themselves without using city resources or financially hindering the city.

Another group tonight met at the St. Johns Bridge. They marched around the Traffic Division building and then onto the St. Johns Bridge. For a short while they stayed mid-span and demonstrated peacefully. The group then marched back to the Traffic Division and dispersed from there.

At about 7:00 p.m. demonstrators started gathering at the fence line at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street near the Justice Center. For several hours, the event on Southwest 3rd Avenue stayed non-violent. Occasionally, demonstrators would try to shake the fence. Officers were positioned a full block behind the fence at Southwest 2nd Avenue.

At about 11:30 p.m., full beverage containers, glass bottles, hard boiled eggs, rocks and other projectiles were thrown at officers. The agitators that were throwing the projectiles were using sling shots and other means to propel the rocks and hard boiled eggs a block away still striking the officers. A Portland Fire Medic who was working with the officers was hit in the stomach with a rock. The crowd was admonished many times, warning them to stay off the fence, not throw projectiles at officers, and to keep things non-violent. The agitators did not heed the warnings and the projectiles thrown at officers became more dangerous to life safety.

At about midnight, a civil disturbance and an unlawful assembly were declared. The group was admonished to leave the area and warned that if they did not leave they would be subject to arrest and or force, including crowd control munitions. Demonstrators continued to aggressively shake the fence in what appeared to be attempts to knock it over. An unlawful assembly was declared and orders for dispersal were given. Officers started clearing the area to disperse the crowd.

During the dispersal, it was reported an agitator had thrown an object that was on fire at an officer. It was later learned the item was a Molotov cocktail. There were not any injuries related to this event. Arson investigators are following up on this incident.

For ten consecutive days this group has gathered near the Justice Center. Many have engaged in criminal acts of violence which has put life safety at risk, including the public, media, and law enforcement personnel. Additionally, there has been vandalism to property and disruptive behavior. This group has not been able to manage themselves, which has required significant City resources, which has is having a substantial cost impact to the City.

Source: Portland Police Bureau

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